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What causes pests?

Pest infestation is a common phenomenon that can destroy your home. These creatures spread viruses and diseases if not controlled at the source. In order to avoid this, you need to eliminate the possible entry points of pests and their attractants: food, water, moisture, and humidity. Not only will it help curb infestation, but it will also make your house more livable than ever before. Pest control in Singapore is a necessary service that can help you keep your home free from pests and the diseases they carry. 

Uncleaned Areas

Pests are drawn to your home for the same reasons as humans: food, shelter, and safety. To avoid attracting pests, double-check that you leave no food crumbs on the floor, wipe up spills, clean your pet’s bowl and place it in an area where pets do not have access. Store food in closed containers and seal garbage until you can dispose of it properly. Your best bet is to make sure your home is well-kept and clean. Pests are attracted to poorly maintained kitchens, where they may sneak into food scraps and other debris.

Leaking Sources of Water

Pest infestations can occur when there is water in your home. Moisture attracts pests such as rodents, cockroaches and termites. This environment shelters their growth and reproduction. Water leaks provide insects such as cockroaches and bed bugs with a convenient warm place to hide and initiate an infestation. Persistant water leaks can become breeding grounds for insects and mosquitos. Attracted to moisture, insects will quickly find their way into your home and nest if not prevented. It leads to a considerable damage and an increased risk of disease.

Lack of Sealed Entry Points

Rodents and other types of pests can gain access to your home through holes in the walls and foundation. If they get inside your home, you can have even more problems like structural damage from gnawing or burrowing rodents. Redressing rodent and other pest infestation issues is essential before it becomes more critical. Mice are small and can squeeze through holes that are just the width of a quarter. They also like to go through gaps in your walls, under doors, through beams and shingles on your roof. Take the initiative to seal off any possible entry points to prevent these pests from entering your house. Cracks or open areas (such as a basement window) on your home’s foundation can also grant access to the troublemakers.


Did you ever wonder why certain people seem to be beset by the plague, while others are not? To prevent this nuisance from invading your territory, you should ensure that the surrounding environment is not inviting for them.

Examine your surroundings. Do you have old buildings in the vicinity? Is there a park or a diner close by? Look for clues that can explain your pest problem. As hard as it might be, start from scratch and examine your surroundings to figure out what is happening. If you are having pest control problems and your property location is to blame, it might be necessary to relocate. But before taking that major move, the wisest thing to do is contact a pest control company in Singapore. Not only are they familiar with the majority of common infestation issues, but they also know how to deal with them. When a pest control company investigates your property, they consider the surroundings before advising a course of action.

Cluttered Household

Any type of clutter in your kitchen and food storage areas lure the menacing creatures. Eliminating clutter is a significant step in initiating pest control from your end before reaching out for specialist treatment. Clearing clutter as much as possible will help keep pests out of your kitchen and provide a safer environment for you, your family, and visitors. Pest-inviting clutter may include cardboard boxes, shipping materials, dirty containers, and torn rubbish bags.
Pests may be invisible, but they are present. They find every opportunity to infest your food storage areas and contaminate food. Keep the kitchen clean and clutter-free, and store products in closed containers to stop pests from enjoying a feast at your expense.


Pests are a reality that we cannot ignore. Despite your attention, these creatures might sneak into your home and spread viruses and diseases. Try to identify them as soon as possible and use the relevant treatment to eliminate them. Ironman is the trusted name in pest control in Singapore. A team of technicians with experience will safeguard your home or office against prevalent and possible pest infestations. The competent team is ready to provide you with technical support whenever necessary.

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