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READ THIS BEFORE YOU DECIDE ON A SOLUTION FOR YOUR HOME Here’s Why Why Pest Infestation in Construction Sites Should Not Be Ignored

Aside from the obvious disruptions to your project timeline, pest infestations in construction sites can also lead to:

  • Structural damage: Pests like termites and rodents can cause extensive damage to building structures, leading to expensive repairs.
  • Health hazards: Pests carry diseases and bacteria that can pose serious health risks to workers on the construction site.
  • Legal issues: Failure to maintain proper pest control measures can result in legal action and fines.

FACTS ON CONSTRUCTION SITES PESTS Signs That Your Construction Sites Need Pest Control Services


Finding pest droppings on your construction site is a clear sign of an infestation.

Chewed wired/materials

Pests like rodents and termites can cause damage to building structures, wiring, and other materials.

Unusual noises or smells

If you hear strange noises or notice unusual smells on your construction site, it could be a sign of a pest infestation.

Visible pests

Seeing live pests on your construction site is an obvious indication that you need pest control services.

Kick These Construction Site Pests to the Curb with Our Solutions

Mosquitoes Control

Inspection and larviciding:
Our experts will inspect your site for potential breeding grounds and carry out larviciding to eliminate mosquito larvae.

We use fogging to effectively control adult mosquitoes in the surrounding areas, preventing them from entering your site.

Rodent Control

Baiting with rodenticide baits:
We strategically place bait stations at potential breeding and harbourage areas to eliminate rodent populations.

To monitor indoor rodent activity, we use glueboards which are effective in capturing any rodents that may have entered your site.

Cockcroaches Control

Residual spraying:
Our team will carry out residual spraying on all potential breeding and harbourage areas such as floor traps, drainages, and manholes to eliminate cockroaches.

Snakes Control

Inspection and exclusion:
Our experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your site to identify any potential entry points for snakes.

Exclusion measures:
We will install barriers and seal off any openings to prevent snakes from entering your construction site.

Common Ant Control

Residual spraying:
We will inspect the entire compound for potential ants breeding areas and carry out residual spraying to eliminate them from your construction site.

OUR PEST SUPERHEROES ENSURE Effective Results with Affordable Packages

At Ironman Pest Control, we understand the importance of staying within your budget.

That’s why our package prices for construction site pest control range from $60 to $100 per site trip. And if you have multiple sites that need our services, we offer discounts on top of the affordable package prices.

Don’t let pests delay your construction project any longer. Trust our pest superheroes to provide effective and affordable solutions for your construction site.

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