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Termites are a common problem in Singapore. They can damage your property and affect the value of your home or business.

We understand that getting your home inspected by a professional is time consuming and expensive. And we also know how difficult it is to find an honest termite control company in Singapore.

At IPC Singapore, a leading termite control company in Singapore, we offer affordable termite control services with guaranteed results! We know what works best when it comes to eliminating these manacing white ants from your home or business quickly and safely while keeping costs as affordable as possible. Effective termite treatment and termite control are our forte.

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FACTS ABOUT TERMITES Signs of Termite Infestation

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What You Can Do To Prevent Termite Infestation

Our Termite Control Treatment Solutions

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1. Termite Inspection

The first stage is finding the root cause and the source of the white ants in your premise.

2. Termite Proofing

The first step is to install a chemical barrier under the structure of the building to prevent the white ants from entering it (they can enter through their nest in the soil and into the structure).

3. Termite Baiting System

It's a technique that uses a system designed to attract subterranean termites and eventually exterminate their colonies. The bait will generally be a slowly-acting toxicant that doesn't kill the white ants immediately. Termites are typically killed by this method since most chemicals used in it cause them to fail in reaching maturity.

Termites frequently groom and feed one another, therefore bait is frequently used throughout the colony. Termite baiting is intended to eliminate the entire colony of termites.

4. Termite Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

The treatment of the soil begins; where the termiticide solution is thoroughly drenched throughout the soil. Power spraying with a pump pressure; directed at the compacted soil surface area.

The termiticide solution will be used to destroy their colony. All of these are completed without the white ants realizing, since it lacks a distinctive odor that they can detect. A polythene sheet is used to seal the treated areas after they have been exposed to power spraying in order to avoid rainwater seepage and sun damage. Concrete will then be poured on top of the sheet.

5. Termite Corrective Control

To kill subterranean insects that have already reached a structure, a termiticide solution is applied to the soil (which surrounds the foundation) to form a chemical barrier. Drilling slab floors along foundation walls and holes in areas linked to the foundation are all included in this step. Finally, the holes will be resealed.



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Find Out More About Termites In Singapore Here Types of Termites In Singapore

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Drywood Termites

Drywood termites are one of the most destructive termite pests because of their reduced moisture need, and their existence within the wooden structure. They attack living trees’ dead wood as well as timber in service. Drywood termites, unlike subterranean termites, are not easily controlled because termite baiting is not an effective termite treatment.

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Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites dwell in colonies underground and have specialized castes to execute particular colony functions. Workers, Soldiers, and Swarmers (with wings) are the three castes in their society.

Subterranean termites in Singapore prefer food containing wood cellulose or fiber, such as paper, cardboard, and plant items.

Mud tubes, or building tunnels, are passageways-for-termites that termite colonies create and use to move through solid ground. These termites can also enter structures via wood placed on dirt and timber foundations with tunneling abilities

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Dampwood Termites

The most common habitat of Dampwood Termites are areas in close proximity to water or damp soil and damp wood – due to the cellulose (their food) contained in wood.

This is a subterranean termite that feeds on moist wood, such as rotted timber, decaying timber, and damp wood. Naturally, this kind of species is prevalent in landscaping.

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